Aerial video: development of the Science and Technology Centre

Our aim to lead in STEM education and continue to be one of the world's leading IB schools will be realised when the new Science and Technology Centre and Sixth Form Global Study Centre are completed in the summer. These new buildings respond to a world in which science must be at the heart of every student's education and will support the next generation of intellectually curious, scientifically skilled and technologically adept students. Watch the latest aerial video of the campus.

Rolls-Royce fan for Science and Technology Centre


In June 2017 Sevenoaks School visited the offices of Rolls Royce in Derby. The visit was to view a fan from a 524 engine used in Boeing 747 planes. Rolls Royce are kindly loaning the fan to the school for display in the new Science and Technology Centre. 

This generous gesture was made possible by Professor Phil Ruffles CBE FREng FRS (OS 1958) who was Director of Engineering and Technology at Rolls Royce until his retirement in 2001. Professor Ruffles is an advocate of Engineering careers and has previously supported students at our Careers Forum. 

We hope this iconic fan will inspire students to develop their STEM skills and highlight the exciting career opportunities available.


Future Focus 2017

In May 2017 Old Sennockians Corinne Sawers (OS 2005), Tat-Seng Chiam (OS 2005), Emma de Closset (OS 2005), Professor Kenneth Cheung (OS 1982), Dexter Dias (OS 1981) and Oliver Barratt (OS 1979) spoke at Future Focus 2017. Each gave their thoughts on the skills, knowledge and capabilities our students will need in a rapidly changing world. Key themes on the night were empathy, social justice, creativity, change management, automation, the need for global awareness and interdisciplinary study.

Campaign highlights