Robert Sackville-West
Sevenoaks School Foundation

The Sevenoaks School Foundation was formed in 2004 to support the advancement of Sevenoaks School today and into the future.  

Over the past decade, the Foundation has supported the development of outstanding new facilities for Sevenoaks School, including The Sennocke Centre in 2005 and The Space Performing Arts Centre in 2010.

Sevenoaks School Foundation supports the development and advancement of Sevenoaks School through major capital projects, the widening of access through bursaries and the establishment of an endowment for future generations.

The Foundation is governed by an independent board of Trustees, which consults with the Head and School Governors to determine the key priorities.

The Trustees of Sevenoaks School Foundation

Robert Sackville-West (Chairman)
Tim Child
Colin Harris
David McEuen
Julian Patrick
Derick Walker
David Williams