The Institute of Service and Entrepreneurship

We are all very lucky to be Sennockians but I believe that brings great responsibility too, responsibilities to our communities, wherever they are in the world.

Tim Child (OS 1981)

Resourceful and compassionate global citizens

The Institute for Service and Entrepreneurship will imbue students with a notion of service and an understanding of the world beyond individual backgrounds.

As well as academically rigorous and intellectually exciting material, Sevenoaks instils an awareness of the value of service; to friends and peers, to the local community, and to the world beyond. Individuals and groups engage in schemes and causes and learn how to make a difference.


Our students contribute time, energy, ideas and enthusiasm, and explore issues affecting the world and the environment. During VSU our students experience first-hand what they can do for others. They are encouraged to reflect on their place in local and global communities, and the impact of their actions. Empathy, responsibility, tolerance and social maturity are the results.


Entrepreneurship at Sevenoaks isn’t just about students creating a business, it’s learning the skills needed to be successful and innovative global citizens. By possessing an entrepreneurial mindset and the skills and understanding to address communities’ most pressing problems, students are more likely to take action to make the world a better place.

Careful thought, decisive action and original thinkers with a pioneering spirit will lead the way.