Science and Technology Centre Equipment Wish List

This list provides a number of items of equipment which could be used by students to further their knowledge and technique in scientific and technological experimentation. This list is not definitive and gives examples of some of the items required.

A gift to support the purchase of equipment detailed here would be gratefully received.


Additional Learning



Year Group

Leybold Scaffolding


This is a system that uses magnetism to hold and lock equipment and glassware in place and in such a way that complicated flow systems can be produced and also displayed in a neat and easy to follow manner.

 £1,000 each

(4 required)


Sixth Form students


Wireless probes 

We are looking to purchase 10 x temperature and 10 x pH probes.



All students

Flatbed Router

A milling machine that cuts into wood and metal into any shape



Students Y7-11

Yes, I would like to support Science

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