'Moving into this building has changed the way we teach. We can now forge better links between the sciences and collaborate across the departments.' – Mr. James Tate, Head of Physics.

To mark the first anniversary of the opening of the Science and Technology Centre, Sevenoaks School Foundation organised a Science and Technology Experience Evening for parents, Old Sennockians and donors. They were invited into the classrooms and sampled lessons in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Technology. Teachers and students were doing demonstrations of various experiments, getting our guests involved in class as well. Many commented on how different lessons are in comparison to when they were at school!

'The large windows allow views onto Knole Park where we can observe the connections between populations and ecosystems and relate this to our responsibility for sustainable practices.' – John Witton, Biology

In the past year, there have been some incredible experiments and research in the Science and Technology Centre. You can watch a video highlighting just some of these.

The building of the Science and Technology Centre, along with the Global Study Centre, was part of the Sevenoaks School campaign - Horizon 2020. Just over £10m was raised to build the two Centres, which includes 20 science laboratories and 4 technology workshops. The aim was to inspire curiosity and scientific enquiry, as well as encourage technological innovation.

Parents said it was a ‘great insight into the wonderful new facilities,’ and ‘now I know what my children do each day.’


On 8 November 2018 we were thrilled to open the new buildings with Sir William Castell,  former chairman of the Wellcome Trust, Dr Katy Ricks, Nicholas Gould (Chair of Governors) and Robert Sackville-West (Chair of Sevenoaks School Foundation).

These transformational buildings would not have been possible without the collective generosity of parents, Old Sennockians and friends who have supported the Campaign for Sevenoaks School.

The new buildings put Science and Technology at the heart of the school and are designed to foster curiosity, experiment and innovation. The stunning new space will also host local educational activities with primary schools, including a robotics day and a primary school conference. It will be central to sharing Sevenoaks School’s global expertise and scientific resources with the local community in an open learning environment that aims to encourage students to look, think and experiment.  

The Global Study Centre brings Higher Education, Sixth Form study and social areas and pastoral staff into the same space for the first time.

This would not have been possible without a thriving culture of philanthropy and support throughout the school community. The Head, Governors and Foundation Trustees wish to sincerely thank all those who have given financial support to the project.

Katy Ricks said: “This is a vision that has been a long time in the making and the planning, which this term has come to fruition. However much imagination one has, the reality supersedes it quite wonderfully. As you look around this magnificent atrium and see some of the 20 labs in this building, you see science education in action. The transparency and light, as well as these open spaces for discussion, collaboration and study, have brought to our students and our teachers a new dimension.”  

Aerial video: development of the Science and Technology Centre

Our aim to lead in STEM education and continue to be one of the world's leading IB schools will be realised when the new Science and Technology Centre and Sixth Form Global Study Centre are completed in the summer. These new buildings respond to a world in which science must be at the heart of every student's education and will support the next generation of intellectually curious, scientifically skilled and technologically adept students. Watch the latest aerial video of the campus.

Rolls-Royce fan for Science and Technology Centre


In June 2017 Sevenoaks School visited the offices of Rolls Royce in Derby. The visit was to view a fan from a 524 engine used in Boeing 747 planes. Rolls Royce are kindly loaning the fan to the school for display in the new Science and Technology Centre. 

This generous gesture was made possible by Professor Phil Ruffles CBE FREng FRS (OS 1958) who was Director of Engineering and Technology at Rolls Royce until his retirement in 2001. Professor Ruffles is an advocate of Engineering careers and has previously supported students at our Careers Forum. 

We hope this iconic fan will inspire students to develop their STEM skills and highlight the exciting career opportunities available.


In May 2017 Old Sennockians Corinne Sawers (OS 2005), Tat-Seng Chiam (OS 2005), Emma de Closset (OS 2005), Professor Kenneth Cheung (OS 1982), Dexter Dias (OS 1981) and Oliver Barratt (OS 1979) spoke at Future Focus 2017. Each gave their thoughts on the skills, knowledge and capabilities our students will need in a rapidly changing world. Key themes on the night were empathy, social justice, creativity, change management, automation, the need for global awareness and interdisciplinary study.