Our Campaign

Science is an important part of human culture – the one culture that is truly global. Protons, proteins and Pythagoras are the same from China to Peru, and science transcends all barriers of nationality and faith. It’s a real intellectual deprivation not to understand the world around us, to be blind to the vision offered by Darwinism, and by modern cosmology. Science has an open frontier.


Astronomer Royal Lord Rees, launch of the Campaign for Sevenoaks School 2016

Sevenoaks School is committed to the pursuit of knowledge, truth and understanding, to creativity and service for the greater good. This has been its mission for nearly six hundred years.

The school's strategic statement, Horizon 2020, set out an ambitious vision to maintain its unique academic character and to continue to provide an exceptional education for its students. As a result of the political and economic shifts around us, we feel ever more strongly the importance to develop in students the knowledge, understanding and confidence to become successful, reflective and compassionate citizens of the world. 

The school's intention to advance these principles is set out in our ambitious plans for the school over the coming decade, totalling almost £50 million; our new buildings will provide students with the opportunity to explore an open frontier, and our three Institutes will ensure we remain at the forefront of education, determined in our thinking, teaching and learning.

The Campaign for Sevenoaks School seeks to raise £15 million in donations in support of our four priorities. The support of parents, alumni and friends of the school is fundamental to achieving the school's vision for students today and in the future.

We hope you feel inspired by what lies ahead and consider making your gift in support of the Campaign for Sevenoaks School.