Leaving a gift in your will

A bequest to the Sevenoaks School Foundation will provide a world of opportunities and inspiration for future generations.

Your bequest can be made as an unrestricted gift to be used by the Foundation Trustees to support the advancement of the school in areas of greatest need. Alternatively, you may wish to restrict your bequest to a specific area which you believe to be important, such as bursaries and scholarships.

If you would like more information or a confidential conversation with the Foundation please contact Ruth O'Hanlon, Director of Development, by phone on 07587 079546 or email at foundation@sevenoaksschool.org

You can also use the contact us form to receive further information or a copy of our codicil form. 

Types of legacy

A number of legacy options are available.


This is a gift of a particular sum of money or shares, which can be index-linked in order to safeguard its future value.


This is a gift of the whole or a percentage of the estate following the distribution of specific gifts, debts, taxes and expenses that are due.


This is the gift of an asset (such as a house or fund) that can be enjoyed by a chosen beneficiary during his or her lifetime before reverting to a specified person or charity absolutely.


This is a gift of an item, such as a work of art, books or historical documents that you feel may be beneficial to the school.

When considering a specific bequest, it is advisable to speak to Sevenoaks School Foundation to make sure that the school will be a suitable home for the object.

Information for your solicitor and executor

Tax Advantage

Sevenoaks School Foundation is a registered charity (number 307923) and in most instances is exempt from income tax and inheritance tax.

This means that the Sevenoaks School Foundation pays no tax on gifts of money or property made in your lifetime or after your death. Accordingly, your legacy to the Sevenoaks School Foundation will help to reduce any inheritance tax payable on your estate.

Contact Details

If you or your solicitor would like to discuss, in confidence, any aspect of leaving a gift in your will please contact Ruth O'Hanlon, Director of Development, Sevenoaks School Foundation at foundation@sevenoaksschool.org or call 07587 079546.

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Information on leaving a gift in your will