In 2016 we launched three Institutes, to power our educational principles, maintain our reputation for innovative leadership and connect our students to the world beyond school.


£1 million funding for three Institutes


Reimagining education

Sevenoaks School has been at the forefront of education for the past 50 years. We were among the first to:

  • Adopt the International Baccalaureate as an alternative to A levels
  • Establish an international Sixth Form boarding house
  • Embrace co-education
  • Build community service into the curriculum

Our vision for the future is to provide our students with the capacity for:

  • Learning without limits
  • Skills for life and the global workplace
  • Becoming resourceful and compassionate global citizens

In September 2016 we launched three new Institutes, designed to power our educational principles and connect our students to the world beyond school.

The Institute of Teaching and Learning gives new momentum and focus to our broad curriculum, forging its distinctive character through research and development into curriculum continuum and inter-disciplinarity.

The Institute of Higher Education and Professional Insight offers an evolving and wide-ranging programme to inform and inspire our students. The fact that so many of our students are accepted at top universities, and go onto such vibrant careers afterwards, bears eloquent testimony to the breadth and imagination of the IB, and the unique qualities of a Sevenoaks education. Our rich network of alumni and our links with university admissions tutors and employers mean our students can learn more about the opportunities open to them, and find the best ways to realise their ambitions. 

The Institute of Service and Social Impact has been established to build on our historic and powerful tradition of service education, and to provide guidance for our students to become responsible global citizens. 

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