The Institute of Higher Education and Professional Insight

The world’s best creatives no longer want to work for just one company or in one office.

Ed Bussey (OS 1986), Founder of Quill

Skills for life and the global workplace

The mission of the Institute of Higher Education and Professional Insight is to develop and promote the successful transition from school to university, from university to professional life, and beyond.

The Institute of Higher Education and Professional Insight is a multi-professional endeavour. Students benefit from high quality careers and guidance; a team of thirteen dedicated staff, (six of whom are specialist HE advisers), Heads of Department, teachers, parents, alumni, employers, universities and agencies including UCAS and various external providers. The professional insight programme is blended so that students have multiple interactions inside and outside of school.

The workplace our students will be entering is unlikely to feature a long, single career. Priorities and technologies are changing and employees will have to adapt. They may need to pursue multiple careers, concurrently or consecutively, work remotely for a global company, or compete against the very best candidates from around the world. So, we must equip them with the skills they need to do just that. Read more: Skills for the 2020 workplace.

In 2013 The Gatsby Charitable Foundation commissioned Sir John Holman - Emeritus Professor of Chemistry at the University of York, senior education adviser and former Headteacher - with setting out what good career guidance in England would be like. He identified eight benchmarks of good practice in school career guidance. The Institute of Higher Education and Professional Insight is informed by these eight benchmarks that identify different dimensions of good career guidance.

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