The Institute of Service and Social Impact

We are all very lucky to be Sennockians but I believe that brings great responsibility too, responsibilities to our communities, wherever they are in the world.

Tim Child (OS 1981)

Resourceful and compassionate global citizens

The ethos of service is central to the Sevenoaks education as we strive to develop socially responsible young people.

The Institute aims to ensure that all our students, including future leaders, will go on to act responsibly. Our service programme develops empathy, awareness of the need for social justice, and an understanding that individual actions make a difference. We encourage our leavers to strive to be agents for positive social change.

Pupils are encouraged to appreciate the value of critical and empathetic reflection in all of their everyday actions, and recognise the responsibility they hold for using their educational advantage for the creation of a more just and peaceful world. 

Other key strands of education include environmental action, human rights and equality education, consumer ethics and wider leadership development. Sevenoaks students are fortunate to benefit from an extensive programme of visiting speakers to inspire pupils and to act as role models for their paths towards effective social impact.

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