Thanks to the support of Sevenoaks School's alumni and parents, Kate Curran (OS 2014) was able to embrace life at Sevenoaks. She talked to us about her experience and what it meant to receive a bursary.

'I am aware of how important a bursary can be in shaping a young person’s educational experience and future. For me, receiving a bursary meant Sevenoaks became a viable option and that made a huge difference to my life; attending the school was an experience I would not have been able to have without financial support.

'Gaining access to Sevenoaks’ exceptional teaching, resources and facilities can have a profound effect on a student’s life by nurturing talents and broadening horizons. I know that receiving a bursary helped to inspire me; I was aware of how lucky I was to be able to attend Sevenoaks and sought to embrace every opportunity possible. I was eager to make the most of my time at the school and would like to think my commitment to my studies contributed to the hard-working environment in my classes. I also gained great satisfaction in representing Sevenoaks at prestigious sporting events, especially winning the Girls’ Knole Run, and competing in triathlons at the highest level including representing Great Britain. Having completed my History degree at Cambridge, I can reflect on my time at Sevenoaks and recognise how important it has been; the school prepared and supported me very well and with the guidance of staff I attained the IB score I was determined to achieve, navigated the challenging university application process, and developed important skills to balance my academic interests alongside my passion for sport. I continued with this balance at university, competing in several Oxford vs. Cambridge Varsity matches and a dedicated member of the university’s athletics, triathlon and cycling clubs.

'I have experienced how fantastic bursaries are at offering mutual benefits for the recipient and the school; bursary students bring a desire to contribute to the school’s academic success, and an enthusiasm to play a key part in a varied and exciting extra-curricular life. I am extremely grateful for the financial assistance I received and I hope others can benefit and make the most of the same exceptional opportunities.'

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